Shade Fabric — Waterproof


Manufactured by: Multiknit Industries

Our premium waterproof shade cloth is made of regular fabric (a mixture of monofilament and tape) finished with a waterproof coating, extending the usage of a waterproof sail into the shoulder seasons. The fabric provides up to 100% UV protection but allows natural light transmission and comes in a little lighter than our other fabrics at 280 gsm. The fabric has excellent tear and fray resistance and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation and is 100% recyclable. Proudly manufactured in South Africa, this is the perfect fabric if you’re looking for an all-weather shade sail. Please note, with some vibrant waterproof colours you should expect a slight change in the colour of the light that passes through your shade sail.

GSM: 280

UVR: 93-100%

Construction: Monofilament & Tape (Coated)