Shade Sails Warranty & Product Care

Product Care & Maintenance

During the seasons that your sails are flying, we suggest that you visually check the Shade Sail hardware on a regular basis to be sure all is sound and secure. As well be sure your Shade Sails are not chaffing on anything or each other.

how to take down your shade sails

  • It is VERY IMPORTANT to label the corners so that next spring you will know which way to fly the sails.
  • Be sure your Sails are dry before take-down and storage.
  • First loosen the turnbuckles as far as possible without actually unscrewing the turnbuckle completely.
  • The Sails should now be loose enough to allow you to disconnect the other corners of the Sail. It is best to leave hardware attached to Sail corners so you will know where things go come spring.
  • Fold Sails as neatly as possible and store in dry area where rodents cannot attack them.
  • Reverse the process in the spring.

Shade Sails Cleaning & Storage

Cleaning of your Shades Sails can be done by hosing down with a garden hose while in place or taken down and scrubbed with a mild detergent. Shade Sails can be cleaned using warm water and a mild detergent applied with a moderately stiff brush or broom. Your Shade Sails should be allowed to dry before storage and be stored in a dry safe area Be sure to safely roll or fold your Shade Sail as displayed below. Please store away from any heat sources or sharp objects.


Shade Sails Warranty

Our Shade Sails warranty lasts for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, against defects or damages caused to the product due to faulty materials used in the manufacture of the product and/or faulty workmanship in the manufacture of the product. This warranty applies when the product is used under normal conditions and for its intended use. Shade Sails Canada only uses the highest grade shade cloth. Our standard sized sails, as well as our custom-sized shade sails, are warranted for 15 years against UV degradation.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact Shade Sails Canada Inc, in writing, immediately on discovery of suspected product failure.

Please note:

  1. Since the customer is installing the sails, there is no warranty against any damages which may occur to the product due to improper handling of the product or improper installation procedures employed by the customer.
  1. The customer is responsible for the obtaining of any engineering required and building, construction or installation permits that may be required for the sail installation site.
  1. Shade Sails must be taken down in the fall to avoid the danger of damage from snow loads, and unless your shade sail project has been designed and engineered using custom made sails, as a permanent summer installation, your sails should be taken down during windy conditions.

When storing your sails be sure they are clean and dry and neatly folded. Store your sails in a dry place. Fly your sails again in the spring when you are certain there will be no more snow falls. And, when re-flying your Shade Sails remember they must be flown very taught to prevent wind damage and also to avoid drooping which may allow pooling of rainwater.


Be Safe

Determination of the structural integrity of existing buildings and structures is the responsibility of the purchaser. Adherence to local building codes and permit requirements is the responsibility of you, the purchaser of the sails. When installing or flying your sails be sure to keep them away from barbecues, light fixtures, heating units or vents, any sharp objects – anything which might damage your sails.

Shade Sails are not designed to handle snow loading and must be taken down before the snow begins to fall. Shade Sails must be taken down in the fall to avoid damage from snow loads and unless your Shade Sails project has been engineered with custom sails, as a permanent summer installation, your sails should be taken down during windy conditions. Don’t let this happen to you!