Shade Fabric

One of the elements that distinguish a high-quality shade sail over a cheaper low-quality one is the fabric. At Shade Sails Canada we use a range of high-quality fabrics, you can find out more below:


Commercial Grade Light

Manufactured by: Gale Pacific

This lighter commercial-grade fabric comes standard with all of our premium shade sails. Developed by one of the largest and longest-running shade fabric companies in the world out of Australia, this fabric strikes the perfect balance between weight, construction and UV protection. We recommend this material for most residential and small-scale commercial applications. This fabric has a specialized-lock stitch knit for more air movement with a stretch of approximately 4%. It’s fade & tear-resistant qualities mean your sail will not crack, rot or fray and it comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation as well as being 100% recyclable.

GSM: 340

UVR: 90-98%

Construction: Monofilament & Tape


Commercial Grade Dual Colour

Manufactured by: Gale Pacific

Developed with patent-pending technology, this highly durable fabric is made with two beautiful colours, one on each side, creating some truly unique aesthetic designs, especially when combined with varying post heights creating a hypar shape. This fabric carries a sturdy 350 GSM rating, achieving maximum durability through a blend of high-quality monofilament and tape yarns. Backed by a 10-year UV degradation warranty, the HDPE fabric can also be recycled.

GSM: 350

UVR: 93.6%

Construction: Monofilament & Tape



Commercial Grade Heavy

Manufactured by: Monotec

Imported from Australia, the home of tensile shade, Monotec fabric is an industry-leading 100% Monofilament cloth, best suited to larger-span sails over 25ft. We use this heavier grade shade fabric on most of our large-scale commercial projects, however, they can also be used in a residential setting for those wanting the highest quality fabric. Heavier in weight than our Light and Waterproof fabrics, these fabrics come in a range of vibrant colours you won’t find in our other ranges. These fabrics have superior durability and performance, especially in excessively high wind conditions and come with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation.

GSM: 376

UVR: 84-98%

Construction: 100% Monofilament (No Tape)




Manufactured by: Multiknit Industries

Our premium waterproof shade cloth is made of regular fabric (a mixture of monofilament and tape) finished with a waterproof coating, extending the usage of a waterproof sail into the shoulder seasons. The fabric provides up to 100% UV protection but allows natural light transmission and comes in a little lighter than our other fabrics at 280 gsm. The fabric has excellent tear and fray resistance and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation and is 100% recyclable. Proudly manufactured in South Africa, this is the perfect fabric if you’re looking for an all-weather shade sail. Please note, with some vibrant waterproof colours you should expect a slight change in the colour of the light that passes through your shade sail.

GSM: 280

UVR: 93-100%

Construction: Monofilament & Tape (Coated)


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