It is so often the case that Shade is an afterthought.. This often ends up costing much more than if planned for in the design stages.  Working with us at the outset of your projects will save you much time and headaches.

We can present options to your client for areas they will need Shade before you get too far along with construction.

Avoid change work orders and costs associated by getting in touch with us.

We can also work with your onsite trades to do some of the work needed saving time and money, or we can offer you turnkey design/build Shade solutions.

  • Plan for needed shade at the design stage
  • Avoid costs of changes and add ons after finishes
  • Save money by using on site trades to prep for the Shade
  • We do all the design and spec work and also offer turnkey solutions
  • We provide engineering as needed
  • Build Shade that will last any season any weather
  • 30-45 day timelines
  • 10-15 year warranteed fabrics  

Shade Consulting

This service is available to help provide your clients with an accurate description of what they can expect for the shade component of their project.

We will provide design, materials, construction detail, and timelines to completion.

We can be as involved as you need.  Dealing from design right through to completion, on a consultant basis, offering you consistency and accuracy of the completed product as well as the expertise needed to complete this specialized work.

Shade Analysis & Design

Our 3 dimensional Shade Analysis shows shaded spaces at different times of the day, maximizing needed shade areas while allowing sunlight in others.

Share this with your clients giving you/them complete control of the finished product and vision of the space.

Our Shade Architect specializes in our products and works in house, expect very prompt response times for edits and feedback. 

Use this service as a tool to offer clients a close to real life experience in their space.

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