Shade Sails Canada

Cyclone Umbrellas

A cyclone umbrella comprises cone-shaped tensioned fabric spanned around a single post frame. Cyclones are pre-engineered structures sold in set sizes, they are particularly elegant and very durable, with most umbrellas staying up year-round. These umbrellas are permanent structures with substantial footings, however, the canopy can be taken down and reinstalled easily should you wish to do so. Cyclones are ideal for any area where space for footings is minimal or shade is needed with minimum obtrusions such as restaurants, playgrounds and other sports and recreation facilities.

  • All-Weather
  • Extendability
  • Install Required
  • Marine-Grade Hardware
  • Limited Span
  • Substantial Footings
  • $65 CAD per square foot


    Cyclone Umbrellas are typically made using waterproof or vinyl fabric, which allows them to handle weather conditions year-round. Famously strong and durable, one of our installations in Canada has been erected continuously for 12 years. They are also extremely low maintenance and can be cleaned easily and quickly with a power hose.

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