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Custom Sized Shade Sails

At Shade Sails Canada we specialize in the perfect fitting Shade Sail. Our attention to detail is our foundation and is paramount to the longevity of your Sail and its performance in any wind and rain.

Using only premium well tested fabrics, our sail construction methods give you a product that will last you many years, if not a lifetime. We are proud to be the leader in Shade Sail manufacturing, and to bring you the best product on the market.

  • Available in over 50 colours, light or heavy fabric
  • Fade & tear-resistant UV stabilized shade fabric with up to 15 year UV warranty
  • All Tensioning hardware included, anchor point hardware sold separately 
  • Free Standard Shipping on orders over $500
  • Proudly made in Canada


Please use our Custom Shade Sail builder below to create and order your sail.

* Note - for a quick quote please disregard the diagonal dimensions.

Free Shipping over $500
15 year UV warranty

Custom vs. Standard

A Custom Shade Sail gives you the freedom to create almost any shape you want in a Sail, allowing  you to benefit from maximum Shade and Aesthetic.

In many cases a Custom Sail is also the most economical solution, as we can create your Shade Sail to attach to your existing anchor points (House, Garage, Large Tree, etc) instead of adding multiple new posts. 

You simply provide us with accurate measurements of your space (Anchor point to anchor point) and we make your sail to fit, considering stretch, hardware and all. This is as simple as it sounds.

Learn more.

How to Create a Custom Shade

  • 1 — Rendering

    If you are unsure of exactly where to start, the best option is to contact us. We will work with you to design your Shade Sail and create detailed Renderings and Shade Analysis. This allows you to see how the Sail will look in your space, tweak any design details, ie: Anchor points, heights, size etc before you send us measurements to order.

  • 2 — Measuring

    Please follow this Measuring Guide. You will need a long spooled tape measure to reach between your intended anchor points as indicated in the Guide. Label your corners and orientation on the order form as instructed. Complete your detailed measurements as instructed on the form.

  • 3 — Choose Anchor Hardware

    We offer a broad range of specially selected Marine Grade Stainless Steel Anchor Hardware for you to attach your Shade Sail to a variety of building materials including wood, brick, concrete and roof trusses.

  • 4 — Submit Measurements for Approval

    Use our online ordering process to proceed to check out with your measurements. You will be redirected to our online form that will prompt for all of your measurements before returning to your cart to remit payment.

    Don’t worry, we cross check all of your measurements to make sure there are no errors. We aim for your Shade Sail to fit perfectly, and we will be in touch if there are any questions about your measurements.

  • 5 — Manufacturing

    Once your measurements are approved your Shade Sail is on order.

    Your Sail will ship direct from our Sail Loft to your door within 2-3 weeks, you will receive a tracking number once the Sail has shipped.

  • 6 — Send Us a Review!

    Share the photos of your new Shade Sail and give your feedback. We are always aiming to improve and also hear how you are enjoying our products.




Are the sides of a shade sail straight or curved?

The sides of a shade sail are curved to ensure proper tensioning. The amount of the curve (catenary curve) depends on the shape of the shade sail and can be adjusted when ordering a custom shade sail.

A standard catenary curve is 7%; this percentage relates to the distance between attachment points. If—as shown in the diagram below—the distance from A to B is 10 feet, a 7% catenary curve is 8.4 inches (7% of 120 inches). This is the distance—shown in white—from the midpoint between the two attachment points (A & B) to the midpoint in the curve of the shade sail (C).

Curvature is not solely for tensioning purposes, it can be increased (to go around a tree or other obstruction) or decreased in some cases. Our design software automatically optimizes the catenary curve for each design.  Please get in contact with our design team for any unique requirements.

What is the UV rating of your Shade fabric?

We recommend a minimum of 6×6″ timber post or 5.5″ outside diameter Steel post with a 1/4″ wall.  Your posts should have a footing of a minimum 18″ x 4′ down with concrete (in compact, non-virgin soil). It should be noted this sizing recommendation will accommodate most of our standard sized sails. When considering larger Sails, you should consult with us or a local engineer to determine your needs. The finish of your posts is mostly down to personal preference, there are several options you could consider; you could galvanize your posts, paint or powder coat them.

Why are flat shade sails inferior?

We always aim at providing Shade Sails that are not only well tensioned, but perform optimally too. A flat Shade Sail - meaning all the anchor points are at the same height, or the Shade Sail lies on a perfect slope with both high points at the same height and both low points at the same height - will always catch the winds. This is why we prefer to alternate and vary anchor heights in order to get more shape out of the Shade Sail and give the system better aerodynamics. Designed by Shade Sails Canada and installed following our instructional videos, your Shade Sail should be extremely rigid and you should experience very little to no movement at all in your Shade Sails especially in periods of higher winds.

Are posts included?

It depends! In a commercial setting, we provide full turnkey solutions whereby we oversee not only the fabrication and finishing of steel posts but the installation of them as well. In a residential setting, we provide you with all the specifications pertaining to your posts, whether they be steel or pressure treated wooden posts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews

Top-notch product and service. The staff were very helpful in assisting with the design of a sail for our rooftop terrace, one corner of which is attached to a post anchored by a heavy planter box. Installation was straightforward, but some strength was required. A small issue with the hardware we received was corrected efficiently at no charge. Highly recommend both the product and the company!

Stettler Elementary School

I wish to provide a review of the Custom Shade Sails that we purchased for our school Outdoor Classroom. Because of needing to find donations to fund this purchase, I began the process of acquiring them long before actually committing to do so but, regardless, the team at Shade Sails Canada we very accommodating to our timeline and needs. Once the order was made, our Shade Sails arrived in a timely fashion and we were not disappointed with the product in any way. There were many colors to choose from which enabled us to get them in our school colors, which is great!
A local carpenter easily installed our sails, using the information shared. With these shade sails, our students were able to enjoy this outdoor area in comfort. Thank you, Shade Sails Canada for your professionalism and for providing a product that we plan to use for many years to come!


Superior Service and amazing product. At the outset this seemed like a daunting project, but everyone at Shade Sail was so knowledgeable and helpful; they really made it fairly simple. I LOVE the result and every single time I have guests over people comment on it and you can tell they are jealous :) I could not be happier.

Steve Hoffman

We finally were able to enjoy some shade on our back patio after purchasing and installing a custom shade sail from Shade Sails Canada. Brydon was very accommodating in answering our questions and providing some very useful guidance and tips about the order process and installation requirements. We should have done this sooner! Love the shade sail.

Fran Fearnley

We have had so many rave reviews about the shade sail from visitors to our gallery. It's over a picnic spot by a pond. Graham suggested that we angle the posts and that made a huge difference to the aesthetic. Just love it!