Shade Sails Canada


A KwikShade structure comprises a fully tensioned, hyperbolic shade sail flown between a diagonal joisted steel frame. They are square in shape and come as kits in set sizes of 12′ and 16′. Although they have minimal footings, they are designed as permanent structures, however, surface mounted installs can be moved if needed after the initial installation. KwikShade structures are particularly popular in educational settings such as playgrounds, schools and daycares but can also be used in many other settings.

  • All-Weather
  • Extendability
  • Stainless steel perimeter
  • Limited Span
  • Minimal Footings
  • Marine-grade hardware
  • Retrofit
  • ShadeArt™
  • $55 CAD per square foot

    Less Extensive Footings

    Typically, tensioned fabric structures require extensive footings to handle the load created by tensioning the fabric. KwikShade structures are braced at the top of each post, which allows for much smaller and less intrusive footings. These structures can be bolted to any substantial surface such as concrete or asphalt or can be secured using smaller footings for surfaces such as grass.

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