Shade Sails Canada


A Hypod is a hyperbolic shade sail flown inside a single-mast steel frame, exhibiting the aesthetic qualities of a free-span fabric structure while keeping the footing requirements as minimal as possible. Hypods are permanent structures with a deep direct embedment single footing requirement and come in set sizes at 12' and 16'. The width of the footing is minimal. Hypods have great performance in inclement weather conditions. Most of our installations are in playgrounds and child care facilities, these structures can also be used anywhere requiring aesthetic unobtrusive shade.

  • All-Weather
  • Extendability
  • Install Required
  • Limited Span
  • ShadeArt™
  • Substantial Footings
  • $65 CAD per square foot


    Thanks to their hyperbolic shape, achieved by flying two diagonally opposing points substantially lower than the other points, Our Hypod structures are great for adding an aesthetic quality to your space and can be combined with our Dual Shade fabric to create a truly unique facility.

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