Shade Sails Canada

Free Span Fabric Structures

A free-span fabric structure is a cable reinforced, high-tension Shade Sail spanned between multiple anchor points. The fabric sail can be attached to existing structures and/or posts, which are engineered to support large amounts of load. These structures can cover both large and small areas and are particularly aesthetic, especially when post/attachment point heights are varied to create hyperbolic (twisted fabric) shapes. While the posts for these structures are permanent, the fabric itself can be removed for the winter and during storms. Free-span fabric structures are widely used across many industries and applications including restaurants, playgrounds, seating areas, public parks and spaces, storage and events.

  • Certified installation recommended
  • Large Spans
  • Limited Span
  • Post Position Flexibility
  • Shade Design Flexibility
  • ShadeArt™
  • Substantial Footings
Dream Designs

Aesthetics & Shade Art

With free-spanning structures, multiple sails can be attached to each post. Post placement and height are extremely flexible, allowing intricate designs that are both beautiful and unobtrusive to your space. Shade Art is becoming increasingly popular in our industry. Creating an eye-catching centrepiece can attract more customers and add to the aesthetic of your space. Structures with more than one sail look fantastic in multiple colours and can be customized to match your branding or equipment.

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