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Standard Sized Quadrilateral Shade Sail

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A 4-Point Shade Sail is optimal for maximizing shade and covering long spaces where a 3-Point Shade Sail would not suffice. Your 4-Point Shade Sail can also be flown with varying anchor heights on the opposing corners to create that sought after hyperbolic (twisted) shape.  

All Standard-Sized Shade sails come with our Advanced Tensioning System and Tensioning Hardware Kit.

  • 15-year UV warranty
  • Fade & tear-resistant UV stabilized shade fabric
  • Double-stitched seams & triple-layered reinforced corners
  • Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel hardware
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Standard Sized Quadrilateral Shade Sail

9 x 9 / Natural
  • Shade Sails Canada HQ

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Fabric Selection

At Shade Sails Canada, we offer quick and simple shading solutions. Our Standard-size Shade Sails are prefabricated and ready to ship.

We use our high-quality Commercial Grade Light fabric, which means you still receive the 10 year warranty that is applied to this fabric. UV degradation, rot and mould are all covered by this warranty, with this fabric being tear-proof and fade-resistant too!  

Our Standard-size Shade Sails are available in our 4 most popular colours!

For more info, please visit our Fabric Page

How to Order

  • 1 — Anchor Points

    The first step in ordering your Standard-size Shade Sail is ensuring that your intended anchoring points are strong enough to withstand the forces from properly tensioning your sail.

  • 2 — Measure

    Accurately measure the space between the points you intend to use as anchors, considering their respective heights above ground.

  • 3 — Choose Shade Size

    Cross-reference the perimeter measurements of your space with the sizes of our standard-size Shade Sails. If your measurements are too close to decide, size down.

  • 4 — Choose Your Colour

    We have 4 of your favourite colours in stock! Check them out and choose one. We know this is the tough part.

  • 5 — Choose Your Anchor Hardware

    We offer a broad range of specially selected Marine Grade Stainless Steel Anchor Hardware for you to attach your Shade Sail to a variety of building materials including wood, brick, concrete and roof trusses.

  • 6 — Complete Your Order

    Checkout and provide your contact, shipping address and payment information. Standard Sized Shade Sails ship within 2 business days. You’ll receive a tracking number once your order is on its way!


Shade Analysis & DesignServices

Our Shade Analysis & Design is the best way for you to not only visualize your next project but it’s also the best way for you to analyze just how much shade will be created at different times of day or year.


How do I tension my Standard-size Shade Sail?

In order to properly tension your Standard-size Shade Sail, you need to ensure that your corners of your Shade Sail align with your anchoring points - meaning they are as close to one another as possible without the need for cables. (If cables are needed to make up for some distance, that is fine as well but you can expect slightly more movement in your Shade Sail when the winds pick up).

The tension in your Shade Sail will come from the perimeter cabling that already sits within the fabric perimeter of the Shade Sail, and the turnbuckles inserted into the cabling system already.

The first step to ensuring your Shade Sail is set up correctly would be to ensure your cable clamps are tight against the cable. During installation, you would have already tightened these, but it’s a good starting point to ensure your Shade Sail maintains rigidity. (See here for Standard-size Shade Sail installation instructions)

The second step to ensure your Shade Sail is tensioned correctly would be to turn your turnbuckles. It’s important to note that the nuts on either side of your turnbuckle thread are loosened outwards first. This allows your turnbuckle to grip more thread. Turn your turnbuckle until the resistance becomes too heavy. Lock your nuts back against your turnbuckle mechanism. They should both sit flush against your turnbuckle and be tight. This ensures your turnbuckles don’t turn loose in storms and that your Shade Sails maintains its tension and high-performance.

What if my points don’t align with your Shade Sail’s shapes?

If the distances between your anchor points, considering the fact that they should be at different heights, don’t end up matching one of our Standard-size Shade Sails, you should then browse our Custom-size Shade Sails. They’re custom made to fit any space and any size. For optimal performance, the corners of your Shade Sail should always connect directly to the anchor point hardware. You can use some cabling to make up for additional distance, but we don’t recommend relying on this method because it allows for more movement in your sail. When in doubt, reach out to one of our Shade Architects who will be more than happy to assist you and ensure you get it right! 

How important is it to tension my Shade Sail correctly?

Simply put - VERY important! Shade Sails perform best when under immense tension. Tension allows the cabling in the perimeter of the Shade Sail to increase the Sail’s rigidity, allows the Shade Sail to not crease and allows for a smooth, aerodynamic shape to transpire. This is one of the most noticeable aspects to a Shade Sail - that if tensioned properly, will experience almost no movement at all when winds or storms arise. 

Having your Shade Sail correctly tensioned also allows your Shade Sail to shed water and debris better. A Shade Sail that is not under tension is too vulnerable to pooling water, leaves or whatever else might find itself atop your Shade Sail fabric.  The video below illustrates how you can ensure that your Shade Sail is not only installed correctly but is tensioned properly too.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
kirk harney
12 x18 standard sail

What a great sail and great company. 5 stars for sure!! Chris was so helpful and patient, and the online videos are fabulous! I found that using a ratchet strap was very helpful for attaching the tethers!

Thanks for the review Kirk! Glad to hear our YouTube channel was helpful, and great idea using a ratchet strap! Looks terrific, enjoy!

Denise Harrison
Recect shade sail purchase

We lived in New Zealand in 2007/08. We fell in love with shade sails there. When we came back to Canada, we looked until we happily found Shade Sail Canada! We ordered our first shade sail (orange) and loved it! It has provided many many years of shade for us. After an outdoor renovation this past summer, we decided it was time for a second shade sail. This summer we purchased our blue shade sail. It is amazing! We can enjoy our backyard and south facing deck during the entire summer! Thank you Shade Sail Canada for such an amazing product! Our new one is riddled with so many upgrades from our original one! If we were able to win the contest, we would replace our original sail! ❤️

Looks wonderful Denise. Glad your old sail is still performing for you, and that you were able to notice to improvements we've made over the years! Enjoy!

T Campbell
Cayennne Sail

When the sail arrived it looked quite Orange. We installed it and once up it goes very well with the maroon accent colors that we have. Installed with the traveler system - it does exactly what we hoped it would do. Very happy at this point.

Thanks T, glad to hear you're happy with both your Shade Sail & Traveler System. Enjoy!

Diana D.

This shade sail is gorgeous! Very well made. I appreciate the company working with us to find the solution that would work best for our space.

Kent Clarke

You guys build an incredibly solid and reliable product and it has become a center piece on our outdoor space for the last year. I constantly have people asking me where I got it, and I cant say enough about how well this baby holds up!
I cant help but laugh when I go to other peoples homes and they have sails from Amazon or Canadian Tire or something and they say how much they saved.totally laughable when their product looks like complete crapand you just know its only going to last them for a year.
Im really glad I found you guys online and am thrilled with the product