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Cantilever Structures stretch tensioned fabric in a steel frame, which is projected over an area from a set of posts positioned outside of that area. Cantilevers are ideal in applications where the supporting structure needs to be installed outside from the area being shaded. These structures are permanent and require substantial footings to support the weight of the frame and fabric being cantilevered over the area being shaded. The fabric can easily be removed during the winter season or during a storm and is easy to reinstall when needed. Cantilevers are popular with plargrounds, public waiting areas, parks, swimming pools, and a variety of other sports and recreation applications.

  • All-Seasons*
  • Extendability
  • Marine-Grade Hardware
  • Install Required
  • Limited Span
  • Substantial Footings

*not rated for snow-loading

    Unobtrusive Footing

    Cantilever structures can be placed outside the area you would like to shade with the tensioned fabric protruding out from the footings. Posts are commonly positioned behind a fence or a seating area providing free-flowing movement underneath the tensioned fabric.

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