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Custom Sized Privacy Panels

Privacy Shade Panels have straight edges with built-in grommets and can be hung both vertically or horizontally. They can be used in a variety of applications including shading the side of a structure or providing additional privacy to a balcony or pergola. They are ideal for sun and heat blocking in problem areas.

  • Available in over 30 colours including our exclusive Dual Shade fabric
  • Rot, tear and mould resistant with a 15 year warranty, your Privacy Shade Panel will provide continuous protection from harmful UV rays
  • Can be fixed in place or retractable to suit your needs
  • Standard mounting is grommets spaced evenly between 15” and 20” at the top and bottom of the panel unless otherwise specified.
  • Make it a retractable curtain by adding one of our stainless steel mounting kits to suit your particular installation (additional charge).

Please use our Custom Shade builder below to create and order your panel. If you're experiencing difficulty with your online order please contact us - 1-855-899-8290 or email

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10 year UV warranty
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Fabric Selection

We exclusively use our Commercial Grade Light and Dual Shade fabrics for our Privacy Shade Panels. These fabrics are extremely durable and highly fade, rot, tear and mould resistant. Warrantied for 15 years, they protect from harmful UV rays and are available in over 30 eye-catching colours.

For more info, please visit our Fabric Page

How to Order a Privacy Panel

  • 1 — Anchor Points

    The first step in ordering your Privacy Shade Panel is ensuring that your intended anchoring points are strong enough to withstand the forces from the tension of any installed cable. At least 3” of substance is required to hold our anchor hardware.

  • 2 — Measure

    Accurately measure the distance between the two points in which your Panels will be installed both horizontally and vertically.

  • 3 — Choose Hardware Mounting Kit

    Choose to use grommets only, a looped cable, or a perpendicular cable looped cable or perpendicular cable system.

  • 4 — Choose Your Colour

    We have over 30 of your favourite colours in stock. Check them out and choose.

  • 5 — Place Your Order

    Checkout through our website ordering, making sure to provide your contact and shipping information.


Does the colour of the fabric change the transparency?

Yes, it does. Throughout the years and with our experience working with this high quality fabric, we have found that it’s definitely light dependent as well. Darker and brighter colours tend to provide more privacy (are less transparent) in daylight as well as night light. Lighter colours still provide a good degree of privacy but can allow some transparency in the evenings when the area behind the privacy panel is well lit. 

In general, our Commercial Grade Light fabric provides a good amount of privacy. You’d still be able to see silhouettes and shapes behind the fabric if you’re standing close up to it, but no definition of whatever is behind the privacy panel.

Does the colour of the fabric change the heat reduction?

A common misconception is that darker coloured fabrics absorb more heat and thus warms up the space below it. This is in fact not true! Our research and experience shows that the heat felt below the fabric, regardless of the fabric’s colour, will remain the same. This means that the heat you feel below a neutral or tan coloured fabric will be identical to the heat felt below a charcoal or black coloured fabric.

Is there a limit in the width (drop) of a Privacy Shade Panel?

There is a limitation on the maximum width that we can manufacture our Privacy Shade Panels and this is based off the width of the fabric roll itself. This maximum width (or drop from ceiling to floor) is 9’2”. If your application requires more drop than 9’2”, please contact one of Shade Architects to assist you in ordering.

Is there a limit in the run length of a Privacy Shade Panel?

There is no limitation on the maximum run length that our Privacy Shade Panels can run - as long as there is sufficient support along the way. We also suggest using our looped cabling system if your run length is going to be longer than 20’.

Do Privacy Shade Panels block wind?

Given that we use a porous fabric to manufacture these privacy panels (Commercial Grade Light), it is not guaranteed that installing a privacy panel will make a space wind-proof. Our privacy panels are strong, sturdy solutions that will provide you with some wind relief, preventing most wind from coming through but not all.

What are the best Privacy Panel cabling options?

Good question! We have 2 different cabling options that only pertain to our Privacy Shade Panels. Firstly, we have our looped cabling system. This cabling system runs the full perimeter of the space you are looking to cover or protect. This looped system runs along the top and bottom of the opening so this application is ideal for an area that receives no foot traffic or is raised. The second cabling option is our L-shaped cabling system. This cabling system runs up one post or wall, along the ceiling of the space and down the other side. It does not run along the bottom of the opening. This is great for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. It also means that the panels are not connected to anything along the bottom, allowing more of a flow effect than the looped cabling system. 

Our Roman Shade cabling system is a standard perimeter cabling that is cut to size based on the measurements you provide to us.

Does daylight or night light make a difference?

Surprisingly, no, it does not. Keep in mind that our Privacy Shade Panels are manufactured with our Commercial Light fabric, which is a porous fabric. We have found that darker colours provide more privacy at night when a backlight is not being used. If a backlight is being used, we recommend looking at a lighter colour. If, for example, you were seeking privacy around your hot tub and you are sitting in the dark because you’re admiring the stars - a dark colour Privacy Shade Panel would work best. This would provide some privacy in daylight as well. In the same scenario, if a light is turned on above the hot tub, a lighter colour Privacy Shade Panel would provide more privacy. This can have a very similar effect to a frosted window. In most scenarios, darker colours would provide more privacy. In well-lit areas, a lighter coloured Privacy Shade Panel would provide more privacy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kim Hay
Privacy panel completes patio shade system very nicely!

We installed a Roman Shade over our patio and it is wonderful! Added the privacy panel to add more shade when the sun is low in the sky late in the evening. The two shades make for a cool and comfortable patio space. Quality and service top notch!

Awesome Kim! Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

Catherine Loucks

Beautiful design and top quality fabric and hardware that's easy to install. Engineers are more than happy to help design your pergola or outdoor space and come up with solutions for shade. We highly recommend this company!

Beautiful. Better than expected!

Paul Million

We are very happy with our shade sail that installed at our boat house, after trying multiple of other options over the years that just can't stand up to the gale force wind off the lake. Problem resolved with our shade sail because it remains taught. The metal hardware and cabling does the trick just fantastic! The fact that you can sit underneath and not get cooked by the hot summer sun is just the best!

Justin Pritchard

The team communicated consistently and quickly via email, and was able to turn my design into reality very easily. I provided an aerial image taken with a drone of the structure I wanted to cover (formerly a pergola), some measurements, and things quickly got moving. A few phone calls and a few additional emails sorted out any incidental questions or problems, all quickly. We used custom sized panels overhead to provide shade. Installation was extremely easy, if you can operate a drill and a backpack-buckle, you're all set.

Privacy panels are a little more involved to install, due to the cable tensioning system. Not difficult, but be sure to have a second person handy.

In all, impressed with the functionality and very impressed with the ease of installation, and the ease of working with the team.

Pictures posted show the overhead shades installed, privacy screens not installed yet.

Sun blocking capability is quite impressive too, it really darkens / cools the area.

Maxim-Olivier Dupont Ouellet

Une grandeur parfaite et des employs qui sassurent de bien comprendre nos besoins!