Past Projects

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  • Hillsburgh Library

    Hillsburgh Library

  • Copper Blues

    Copper Blues

  • Cottonwood Falls Park

    Cottonwood Falls Park

  • Wayne Gretzky Winery

    Wayne Gretzky Winery

  • Southfield Community Centre

    Southfield Community Centre

  • Toronto Island Park

    Toronto Island Park

  • Valleyview Retirement Residence

    Valleyview Retirement Residence

  • Fort Macleod

    Fort Macleod

  • Blue Mountain

    Blue Mountain

  • Metro Toronto Convention Center

    Metro Toronto Convention Center

  • La Salle

    La Salle

  • Point Pelee

    Point Pelee

  • Port Dover

    Port Dover

  • Junction 9 Yoga Studio

    Junction 9 Yoga Studio