Shade Sails

At Shade Sails Canada our passion is to create transformed outdoor spaces that enhance our customers' comfort and surpass their expectations. We are committed to delivering you a premium quality Shade Sail that will last a lifetime.

We manufacture our Sails in Revelstoke, Canada using the finest Marine Grade Stainless Steel hardware and cabling to deliver what we confidently believe is the best Tensioned Shade Sail on the market.

Our Tensioned Shade Sails are low maintenance and are guaranteed to add a stylish aesthetic to your space while keeping you cool year over year.

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Custom vs. Standard

Why Custom?

Custom-sized Shade Sails ensure that the Shade Sail not only fits your space perfectly, but compliments and enhances it as well. 

With over 20 years of Shade Sail designing, engineering and building experience, we know that a well-designed and well-tensioned Shade Sail performs exceptionally in stormy conditions, has the best shape for aerodynamics and provides the best slopes for rain runoff. 

Available in over 30 different colours and shipped straight to your door, our Custom-size Shade Sails are the perfect shading solution for almost any application. Click to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

You can either order a standard size shade sail, or customize your own.

Follow these steps for custom orders.

Can I hire Shade Sails Canada to help design my shade project?

Absolutely, please read our services page for more information.

How long does it take to receive my sail?

The vast majority of our products are made right here in Revelstoke, BC. We aim to have these to you within two weeks, but during the summer months please allow for 10 working days for manufacturing, and we will ship as soon as it is completed. We also sell products from a small select group of partners (for example our pergola kits), shipping will vary per product but shouldn’t be any longer than the products we make in-house.

At checkout, if purchasing a Shade Sails Canada product, you can choose between several shipping times, please bear in mind that these times do not include the manufacturing process mentioned above.

Is shipping included? Where do you ship to?

We offer FREE shipping via UPS courier for orders over $500. Additional express shipping is also available at additional cost.

Click here for our shipping area.

Why are flat Shade Sails inferior?

We always aim at providing Shade Sails that are not only well tensioned, but perform optimally too. A flat Shade Sail - meaning all the anchor points are at the same height, or the Shade Sail lies on a perfect slope with both high points at the same height and both low points at the same height - will always catch the winds. This is why we prefer to alternate and vary anchor heights in order to get more shape out of the Shade Sail and give the system better aerodynamics. Designed by Shade Sails Canada and installed following our instructional videos, your Shade Sail should be extremely rigid and you should experience very little to no movement at all in your Shade Sails especially in periods of higher winds.

Are the posts included?

It depends! In a commercial setting, we provide full turnkey solutions whereby we oversee not only the fabrication and finishing of steel posts but the installation of them as well. In a residential setting, we provide you with all the specifications pertaining to your posts, whether they be steel or pressure treated wooden posts. You can read more about posts here (link to post overview video coming soon)

Do I have to take it down in the winter?

It is best for the longevity of your Shade Sail to avoid heavy loading from snow. If you live in a place that gets snow, we recommend using the quick release for easy take-down and storage.