Standard Size vs Custom Size Shade Sails

Custom Sized Shade Sails are made to fit your specifications exactly, eliminating the need to calculate attachment points on your own. With a custom-sized shade sail, you install your posts and other attachment points, take all of the measurements and Shade Sails Canada will make a custom-sized shade sail to fit that space exactly.

Clearance Shade Sails are measured from corner to corner NOT under tension. When positioning your posts and anchor points, please allow for a 1-2% stretch in the fabric and the tensioning hardware (please see the example below). Because the measurements of our clearance stock are not taken under tension, we recommend purchasing the shade sail before putting your posts in the ground to better allow you to position them properly. If you have any questions regarding our clearance stock, please contact us.

Standard Sized Shade Sails are measured from corner to corner when the shade sail is tensioned. In order to properly tension your shade sails, you will need to position your posts and/or other attachment points to take into account the space needed for the hardware. The below example shows a standard-sized 18′ x 12′ shade sail:

Corner’s A & C have turnbuckles and D-rings attached
Corner A to attachment point X is approximately 13” (same for Corner C)
Corner’s B & D just have D-rings and kwik clips attached
Corner B to attachment point Y is approximately 4” (same for corner D)

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