Shade Sails Canada

Commercial Roman Shades

A Roman Shade is a series of 2ft fabric sections hung along two parallel wires between two faces. They can be installed between two existing parallel faces or can be made with a frame to surround the area you would like to shade. They are un-tensioned with each section hanging below the cable creating a unique and airy atmosphere, as well as being retractable, allowing you to cover or uncover an area as you wish. Roman Shades are easy to install and takedown and depending on the frame or surface they are attached to, can create an entirely temporary structure. Their aesthetic shape is popular for restaurants, patios and, when combined with a pergola, are great for temporary shade at events.

  • Extendability
  • Limited Span
  • Minimal Footings
  • Retrofit
  • $45 CAD per square foot

    Easily Retractable

    One of the defining features of a Roman Shade is the ability to retract and extend shade as you wish. Our Roman Shades come with a stainless steel pulley system that can be locked into an open or closed position, making it easy and efficient to retract and extend shade from a single position.

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