Shade Sails Canada

Hip Structures

Hip Structures stretch tensioned shade fabric over a self-supporting steel frame. They come in square and rectangle shapes and are customizable in their lengths, widths, and heights. Framed structures create large amounts of shade with minimal design and engineering. These structures are permanent, however, depending on the footings, their position can be adjusted after the initial installation if required. These structures are particularly popular with playgrounds, swimming pools and any other space providing maximum shade for participants or users of a space.

  • All-Season*
  • Extendability
  • Stainless Steel Perimeter
  • Install Required
  • Large Span
  • Minimal Footings
  • Retrofit
  • Marine-Grade Hardware

*not rated for snow-loading

    Minimal Footings

    Because the force of the tensioned fabric is supported by the steel frame, the required footings are much less extensive than in a free-span structure. For applications where the structure is installed on an existing surface like concrete or asphalt, we can bolt the steel frame down. For less substantial surfaces like grass, concrete footings are required but they can be significantly smaller than those used for a free-span structure. In addition, the steel used for framed structures is much lighter than that used for a free-span structure.

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