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Custom Sized Roman Shades

Roman Shades are a versatile shade solution allowing you to cover and uncover or partially cover an area as you wish. These shades run on parallel, stainless steel, tensioned wires between two adjacent surfaces. Like all our custom shade products, they are available in a wide range of colours and can be made to custom widths and length (within limitations). Roman Shades are also available as a waterproof option.

  • Fade & tear-resistant UV stabilized shade fabric
  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel hardware
  • Ships complete as a kit with all attachment and anchor hardware
  • Add our Roman Pulley system for easy opening and closing
  • Up to 10-year UV warranty
Free Shipping over $500
10 year UV warranty
colour coordinating

Fabric Selection

Shade Sails Canada offers almost every colour of fabric under the sun. 

Our specialty fabric is extremely durable, highly fade-resistant and tear-proof. Warrantied for up to 15 years, it provides protection from harmful UV rays as well as substantial cooling for your outdoor space.

For more info, please visit our Fabric Page

How to Order a Roman Shade

  • 1 — Anchor Points

    The first step in ordering your Roman Shade is ensuring that your intended anchoring points are strong enough to receive a screw eye. At least 4” of substance is required to hold our anchor hardware.

  • 2 — Measure

    Accurately measure the distance between the two points in which your Roman Shade will run, as well the width of the structure in order to calculate the width of your Roman Shade/s. Keep in mind that our maximum width is 8’8”.

  • 3 — Choose Your Colour

    We have over 22 of your favourite colours in stock! Check them out and choose one. We know this is the tough part.

  • 4 — Place Your Order

    Checkout through our website ordering, making sure to provide your contact and shipping information.


What are my Roman Shade width limitations?

The maximum width that our Roman Shades are produced in is 8’8”. This is the total, actual width after creases and hardware are taken into account. We can cut your Roman Shades to any width as long as it’s less than 8’8”. This does not pertain to the lengths of our Roman Shades, which in reality don’t have a limit. The longer we make these Roman Shades, the more support would be needed as the weight of the shades would surpass the strength of the tension in the cabling system that supports the Roman Shades. Ideally, anything longer than 20 ft would need support midway to ensure the cabling system remains under tension.

How much substance do I need for my anchor hardware?

With Roman Shades, we provide you with all the tensioning as well as anchoring hardware. This means your system is ready-to-fly when it arrives at your door. The anchoring hardware that is provided to you are our welded screw eyes (M8xM80). These screw eyes have a 3” thread on them - which means you need at least 3” of substance to anchor the entire screw eye in. Add an extra inch to that if you’d like the screw eye to sit flush against the anchoring point.

How do I know how much droop my Roman Shades will have?

The width of the panels that make up the length of our Roman Shades are produced in 2 ft widths - as a standard. We can add as many of these 2 ft in order to make up the desired length of Roman Shade. Because of this, you can expect to have about 8” of droop in your Roman Shades. If you have an extra panel in your system (meaning you’ve installed a 12’ Roman Shade in a 10 ft space) you can expect to have slightly more droop - around 10”.

Do I need my space to be perfectly square when measuring for my Roman Shade?

It certainly is ideal to install the perimeter cabling system of our Roman Shades in a square formation - albeit it perfectly square or rectangular. You can install this square system in an area that is not perfectly square but you should then expect there to be gaps between the cabling system and the structure in which you’re wishing to install it. We don’t recommend this method. If you have an orthodox space, rather have a conversation with one of our Shade Architects and make use of our free consultation service.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Catherine Loucks

Beautiful design and top quality fabric and hardware that's easy to install. Engineers are more than happy to help design your pergola and outdoor space and come up with solutions for shade. We highly recommend this company!


We are enjoying our Roman shades. High quality fabric and hardware look like they will last, especially with the included storage bag for the off season. Responsive customer service. The only place for improvement is that the install instructions could use some diagramsthe actual installation wasnt difficult, but it was a bit tricky to understand with only words, and having to look up the names of a bunch of parts.


Love it love it! So glad I made the purchase with you guys. Had some issues but DIY fixed it and it is an amazing product! Color is awesome


From responding to our first online inquiry to installation of our Roman shades, customer service was first class. The team at Shade Sails Canada guided us so that we ended up with the right product and a beautiful outdoor space.

Our pergola is attached to the house so we had to make a minor modification at our end. We exchanged emails and phone calls with Brydon and Gareth. They provided detailed information and suggestions for what we would need. Once that was completed, ordering two shades was easy. We did not want the shades to hang too low and they delivered exactly what we envisioned. Installation was done by two people.

We are thrilled with the quality of the shades and how they have transformed our backyard. Another great product from a Canadian company. Thank you Shade Sails!


Awesome product. Hardware was great and made for an easy install and Shade sail is fantastic.