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Privacy Panel Mounting Kit

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We have two additional mounting options for our Privacy Panels that allow you to create a retractable panel. By default our Privacy Panels come with only grommets so that you can attach them to your structure with screws and washers, rope, or elastic cord. These mounting options use a stainless steel cable passed through the grommets so that the panel can slide like a curtain.

Loop system:

  • Creates parallel cables for the panel to slide on
  • Secures the panel across the top and bottom
  • Allows for partial retraction

Perpendicular system:

  • Creates a single cable along the top
  • Allows for foot traffic while open
  • Bottom corners of panel secured with carabiners

Kits include:

  • 4 Welded Screw Eyes
  • 1 Turnbuckle and d-shackles
  • Stainless-Steel cable and cable clamps
  • Twisted D-shackles and Carabiners (Perpendicular kit only)


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