Shade Analysis

  • Great way to view your design before making a decision on purchase 
  • Assess actual shade footprint for different times of the day
  • Allows you to adjust/edit your design before purchase 
  • Ensures the design is reviewed by us thus considering best practices and limitations

What are the Benefits?

Our Shade Analysis and Design is the best way for you to not only visualize your space with one of our products, but it’s also the best way for you to analyse just how much coverage that specific product and design will provide throughout a typical day in July. 

Our Shade Analysis illustrates the sun’s movement throughout the day, starting at 9am and ending at 5pm.

How To Apply:

  • 1 — The Space

    Evaluate the space you are wanting to cover, examining where you could connect your product to and how much of this space you’d like to cover.

  • 2 — Images/Drawings

    Take a few (at least 3) photos of the space you are wanting to shade. Ensure that the space is clearly visible in these images and that any obstructions are well captured. Architectural or scaled landscape drawings are welcome too!

  • 3 — Dimensions

    Take some estimated dimensions of the space you are wanting to shade. At this stage, we don’t need exact dimensions to the nearest inch, but only the general size of the space to get a concept underway. These measurements should ideally be from intended anchoring point to intended anchoring point. If the anchoring points do not currently exist, pick a fictitious point and use that as your estimated dimension.

  • 4 — Physical Address

    We always aim to orient your shade product in the correct manner in order to maximize the coverage it provides. In order to do this, we need to evaluate how the sun moves relative to the direction that your space faces, as well as the orientation of the product you are installing.

  • 5 — Notes

    This section is important for us to understand what your limitations or requests are. For example, this is a great place to note that you have a downspout on your west-facing wall that we should avoid, or that you plan to install a pool soon so we shouldn’t place a post there.

  • 6 — Contact Details

    We need to get back to you! Let us know which contact details are best for contacting you with your 3D digital renderings.


What if I don’t like the design you’ve proposed?

That’s not a problem. Our Shade Analysis and Design service is a once-off fee. This means that we’ll continue making edits and adjustments to your renderings until you’re satisfied.

I don’t like where you’ve put my posts?

This is a common request from our customers. Most of the time, posts are installed permanently so it’s very important that you’re comfortable with the positioning of your posts. In the case that there is a wall or existing building to anchor to, we’ll reduce the amount of posts in your design.

I didn’t know you could anchor to my home. What are those limitations?

We can anchor to almost any material, as long as there is enough substance to hold the anchor hardware in place. House features like eaves, downspouts or drywalls aren’t always clear on images, so they should be mentioned in the notes section of your Shade Analysis submission. We’ll do our best to work around those features!