Shade Sails Canada

Shade Wing

A ShadeWing is a piece of tensioned fabric spanned between posts supported by guy-wires. These structures are temporary and can easily be erected, dismantled or moved by your team. This product is great for temporary space including events and can be used multiple times in multiple locations. ShadeWings cover small to medium-sized areas and are available in a wide range of fabric types and colours. In particular, they are popular with outdoor playgrounds and festivals but can be used anywhere that need unintrusive temporary shade.

  • Extendible
  • Limited Span
  • Minimal Footings
  • Post Position Flexibility
  • Retrofit
  • Shade Design Flexibility
  • ShadeArt™

    Ease & Speed of Install

    Out of all our products, ShadeWings are the easiest to install. They come in a kit format and can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of hours by a small unskilled team with minimal equipment. These temporary structures also require no planning permission and are not subject to any kind of restriction or building code.

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