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  • Black triangle shade sail set against a vibrant blue sky, providing shelter and contrast against the sunny backdrop.

    The Benefits of Installing a Triangle Shade Sail

  • Image of a modern grey house nestled amidst mountains, featuring a backyard deck adorned with a patio set and a red and grey backyard canopy, offering a picturesque view of the surrounding landscape.

    Transform Your Outdoor Space with a Backyard Canopy

  • How to Shade a Pergola

    How to Shade a Pergola

    Pergolas are often the centrepiece of our deck or patio and provide us with a...
  • How to Install a Roman Shade

    How to Install a Roman Shade

    Ensuring the correct assembly of your Roman Shade is vital to its aesthetic...
  • How to Shade a Patio

    How to Shade a Patio

    Patios are the cornerstone of many people’s gardens and outdoor spaces...
  • How to Install a Shade Sail

    How to Install a Shade Sail

    Making sure your shade sail is installed properly is essential to ensuring its...
  • How to Shade a Deck

    How to Shade a Deck

    Your deck can be one of the defining features of your outdoor space, it’s often...

  • Where Can I Attach a Shade Sail To

    Where Can I Attach A Shade Sail To?

    When shading any space, the first thing you will need to figure out is where it is...