Shade Sails Canada

Custom Shade Weave

Our Shade Weave is custom tailored to fit the specific length of your structure.

Manufactured in Canada using our Commercial Light fabric and available in 22 colours.

  •  24-inch wide panels customized to the length for your structure
  • Incredibly durable and highly fade, rot, tear and mould resistant fabric
  • Warrantied for 10 years, your Shade Weave will provide continuous protection from harmful UV rays
  • Double-stitched seams & triple-layered reinforced grommeted ends
  • Threaded inserts and Stainless Steel hardware for mounting on wooden pergolas
  • Ensure you order the quantity of 24″ panels required to match the interior width of your pergola

Bry’s Tip — Don’t limit yourself to one single colour. Alternate colours to create a unique eye-catching design. Contact us to learn more.


Colour: Black
Please upload any images or drawings to help us understand your custom shade project:

Pickup available at Shade Sails Canada HQ

Usually ready in 2-4 days

Custom Shade Weave

Black / 0ft — 12ft
  • Shade Sails Canada HQ

    Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

    222 Big Bend Hwy
    Revelstoke BC V0E 2S0


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10 year UV warranty
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Fabric Selection

We exclusively use our Commercial Grade Light fabric for our Shade Weaves. This fabric is extremely durable, and highly fade, rot, tear and mould resistant. Warrantied for 10 years, it provides protection from harmful UV rays and is available in an array of 22 eye-catching colours.

For more info, please visit our Fabric Page

How to Order a Shade Weave

  • 1 — Anchor Points

    The first step in ordering your Pergola Shade Weave is ensuring that your intended anchoring points are strong enough to withstand the forces from the tension. At least 4” of substance is required to hold our anchor hardware.

  • 2 — Measure

    Accurately measure the distance between the two points in which your Weaves will run, as well the width of the structure in order to calculate how many 24” wide panels you can fit within that structure.

  • 3 — Choose Your Colours

    We have over 22 of your favourite colours in stock! Check them out and choose one. We know this is the tough part.

  • 4 — Place Your Order

    Checkout through our website ordering, making sure to provide your contact and shipping information.


How wide are the Pergola Shade Weave panels?

Our Pergola Shade Weaves are made up of 2 ft wide panels, cut from our high-quality Commercial Grade Light fabric. These panels can run as long as you desire, but are always and only produced in 2 ft widths. This allows you to evenly break up spaces which would leave you with a near perfect checkered-style shade covering. You can decide how many cross beams you weave through, whether you weave through each cross beam or every second cross beam - we leave that up to you! We also have various methods of calculating the appropriate length that your finished weave needs to be. One of the easiest methods is: 

  • Anchor a string to the one end of your pergola (or structure that you are installing the Shade Weave into). Anchor the end of the string with a small screw to hold it in place.
  • Weave your piece of string through the cross beams as you desire.
  • Ensuring the string is pulled taut - anchor the piece of string to the other end of your pergola or structure.
  • Measure the length of this string - this will be the length of your Pergola Shade Weave. We already know the width will be 2 ft each. 
Can my weave panels anchor to any material?

With Roman Shades, we provide you with all the tensioning as well as anchoring hardware. This means your system is ready-to-fly when it arrives at your door. The anchoring hardware that is provided to you are our welded screw eyes (M8xM80). These screw eyes have a 3” thread on them - which means you need at least 3” of substance to anchor the entire screw eye in. Add an extra inch to that if you’d like the screw eye to sit flush against the anchoring point.

Can each panel be a different colour?

Absolutely! You can choose between two of our vibrant and colourful selection of Commercial Grade Light fabrics in order to complete your Pergola Shade Weave concept, or, you can let it be and cover your pergola structure with a single colour.

How do I know how much droop my Roman Shades will have?

The width of the panels that make up the length of our Roman Shades are produced in 2 ft widths - as a standard. We can add as many of these 2 ft in order to make up the desired length of Roman Shade. Because of this, you can expect to have about 8” of droop in your Roman Shades. If you have an extra panel in your system (meaning you’ve installed a 12’ Roman Shade in a 10 ft space) you can expect to have slightly more droop - around 10”.

Do I need my space to be perfectly square when measuring for my Roman Shade?

It certainly is ideal to install the perimeter cabling system of our Roman Shades to be installed in a square formation - albeit it perfectly square or rectangular. You can install this square system in an area that is not perfectly square but you should then expect there to be gaps between the cabling system and the structure in which you’re wishing to install it. We don’t recommend this method. If you have an orthodox space, rather have a conversation with one of our Shade Architects and make use of our free consultation service.