Shade Fabric — Commercial Heavy

Commercial Grade Heavy

Manufactured by: Monotec

Imported from Australia, the home of tensile shade, Monotec fabric is an industry-leading 100% Monofilament cloth, best suited to larger-span sails over 25ft. We use this heavier grade shade fabric on most of our large-scale commercial projects, however, they can also be used in a residential setting for those wanting the highest quality fabric. Heavier in weight than our Light and Waterproof fabrics, these fabrics come in a range of vibrant colours you won’t find in our other ranges. These fabrics have superior durability and performance, especially in excessively high wind conditions and come with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation.

GSM: 376

UVR: 84-98%

Construction: 100% Monofilament (No Tape)