How to Order a Custom Product

Our Custom Sized Shade Products are made to fit your specifications exactly, eliminating the need to calculate attachment points on your own. With our custom products, you install your posts and other attachment points, take all of the measurements and Shade Sails Canada will make a custom-sized shade solution to fit that space exactly. These articles are written to help you plan and measure your next shade project.

Step 4 – Taking your measurements

Before taking your measurements, make a note or directly mark on each surface the letter that corresponds with each corner of the shade sail. You can use our cheatsheets, (see link to below), to assist in determining which letters correspond to each attachment point and which measurements we need. Measurements should be taken clockwise starting from a -> b -> c etc… Each of these measurements is entered into the software we use to cut your shade sail, there are three types of measurements.

  • Perimeter Measurements – The distance between each attachment point around the perimeter of your shade sail.
  • Digonal Measurements – The distance between specific attachment points on the inside of your shade sail diagonally across your shape.
  • Post Height Measurements – The heights of each of your attachment points. Again, we recommend varying these heights for maximum performance and appearance. If your heights are not all from the same grade, choose a grade point that is close to equal and measure all heights from that grade.

These measurements need to be precise, if your measuring tape is not long enough to stretch from point to point, you can use rope and then measure the length of rope with your measuring tape. You can note each measurement down on the cheatsheet and then proceed to submit your measurements in step five. Please note: Your measurements need to be from the eye of your hardware or the mark on your post/structure, not from the post position on the ground, this precision is paramount for the tension and longevity of your sail.


Printable Cheat Sheets

We put together a handy cheat sheet you can print and use to note down all the measurements required before you complete the custom quote and order form below

Triangle     4-point      5-point      6-point



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