How to Order a Custom Product

Our Custom Sized Shade Products are made to fit your specifications exactly, eliminating the need to calculate attachment points on your own. With our custom products, you install your posts and other attachment points, take all of the measurements and Shade Sails Canada will make a custom-sized shade solution to fit that space exactly. These articles are written to help you plan and measure your next shade project.

Step 5 – Submit your measurements

Please use our online order form. This is very important, we aim for perfection with each custom shade sail and using our online form ensures you have submitted all of the measurements required for your shade sail to tension properly and will ensure the longevity of your sail. Additionally, it will allow us to place your order in our system and flow through our manufacturing in the most efficient manner. An order submitted without a proper order form, including all the essential information needed, will take longer to process and leaves much room for error or omission of key information. Please use the order form for best results.


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  • Step 1 – Plan out the area you want to shade

  • Step 2 – Install & mark your posts/structure

  • Step 3 – Install your attachment hardware (optional)

  • Step 4 – Taking your measurements

  • Step 6 – Our team will contact you